The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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If there’s one thing everyone needs in their life, it’s to be able to just sit down and look around and absorb in life. I think the simple task of observing your surroundings is so underrated.

People say I’m smart. Well, perhaps I have just trained myself to see what others overlook.

Being intelligent isn’t about being able to rattle off facts that you’ve read or memorized. I fail to see the importance of that in the real world. What one truly needs is observational skills, and from that you will get further than you think.

All those things they teach us in school, facts, facts, facts, suppress our opinions, give us everything in black and white to be able to recite. We need to see past that.

It also serves as a sort of a satisfaction because once you master the skill of observation, it becomes ten times easier to just be absorbed in your own work and also to hear every other conversation going on in the room, which is pretty cool too. Not to say go nosying into other people’s business to tell other people, and call me nosy or whatever, but I mean, hey, if you could hear everything going on in a room, wouldn’t you? Sure some people would take advantage of information that they hear, but most of the people that would do that would never take the time to learn how to anyways. And it’s not like I have anyone to tell it to, anyways.

Paying attention to details tell you so much about a person, whether or not you realize it. It just takes a little bit of practice, and looking at someone, you can tell what their job is, what they do during their free time, where they go. And it’s not that hard.

And I’m not saying anything against books because honestly, reading and writing is one of the greatest joys in life, and so many people hate reading. I think that’s just because on all the standardized testing they give us, they always put the most boring stories ever on there, like that’s ever going to convince those who despise reading to pick up a book. But reading is one of the things that helps you pick up observational skills.

Now in terms of what I mean by “observational,” there are a lot of different things. Small things, that help solve everyday problems. But also, it helps you see the bigger picture. Focusing on everything around you and not just yourself allows us to form a clearer perception of the world. Not completely clear, obviously, but clearer. I can tell you mine, but that is mainly for you to interpret. There are many things that I have noticed, but I’ll only talk about a few, which you may or may not agree with.

True equality can never exist. I know. We all want equality to exist. But even if we create a perfect world where we say we won’t judge each other, we will. I see it in school, on the streets, everywhere. We will always judge each other by wealth, by intelligence, by capabilities. Where we come from. Because there is a natural division that exists in our minds, whether or not we show it. There is not perfect equality, and there never will be. That’s why the best thing we can do right now is strive towards equality.

People would rather you tell them the truth than lie to not hurt them. We want to protect loved ones. But we know we can’t make everybody happy. It hurts more to find out later that someone didn’t trust you to tell them the truth. And it goes both ways. And in a way, telling the truth to someone might be a betrayal to someone else. And that is a tough situation because you’re having to choose between what you think is right and your friendship with someone. At that point, I would do what you truly think is right. Not that they should know because it’s about them and not that they shouldn’t know because it has to do with your BFF. Whatever you do is going to come with consequences, and you have to take it all into consideration.

You are loved. I’m going to wrap this topic up with this observation. Don’t try to tell me or anyone else that this isn’t true. Whether or not it’s by the people you want to love you, be grateful for the people who do. I see people who say they aren’t loved, but there will always be people who love you. Don’t block out those people because they are doing a lot for you.

But most importantly, what I observed is that we all need to love ourselves a little more. You are beautiful, so love yourself.

Those are some of my observations. Be free to share yours.

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