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Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

Yeah, so we’re hypocrites. We all are. We’ve all scrolled through the pages of Wattpad and passed by all the boring-looking stories. Obviously, we don’t have time to read every story and decide whether the cover gives the story justice or not.

Some people just aren’t good at designing covers, but their stories share the deepest, most powerful words. If only those people could be recognized because there are lots of people who deserve to be. Sometimes, I randomly click on stories, and I think, “This is brilliant, people really need to read this!” But unfortunately, the world doesn’t turn in anybody’s favor.

If only people listened to the statement “Never judge a book by its cover,” but there has never been a more controversial statement. Because we all say it, and nobody does it. And this saying applies to literally everything, not just books, I mean people, food, everything. It is natural to judge something on how it looks, let’s not even try to deny the thoughts that have gone through our heads. But no one is going to know what you think. Just think before you say something.

We scroll through social media and stare at the people we wish we were. Why are some people so much more beautiful than me? Why do I look like this, but other people are born looking like literal supermodels?

Taking a stab at someone’s appearance really affects them. Because you have no idea what they are doing, what they’ve been through, and what you are doing to them. It takes a second to call someone fat or ugly, and you’ll have affected them for a lifetime. Nobody is ugly. If you say you are ugly, you are convincing yourself what the world is trying to tell you you’re not. Because trust me, lots of people see your beauty, whether or not you see it in yourself.

We can judge people or books in our heads by how they look. But in the end, we have to look past that. It’s hard. Yeah, I know, I do it, you do it, we all do it. It’s wrong. Because we were all born different and unique for a reason. And if you think nobody loves you for your looks, I promise you that you are going to find someone who loves you for way more than your looks.

Yeah, I am super critical of how I look. I don’t wear makeup or any of that, and I look at myself in the mirror and try to smile. Try. Hey, it’s hard. Nothing comes easy. People think it’s easy to look good, but believe me, even for celebrities, it isn’t easy to look good all the time.

But let me tell you this: Intelligence. Is. Sexy.

Trust me.

Hopefully, there will come a time where we can truly appreciate the hearts of some of the amazing people in the world. We probably won’t ever be able to help but judge the appearances of people in our inner thoughts, but if only there will come a day where we will also judge each other on our true character.

I’ll admit it, some brilliant books have stunning covers, (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Series of Unfortunate Events, etc.) but never underestimate any book or person’s worth by what it appears to be because nothing is what it appears to be, and you will miss out on the most amazing people and the most spectacular adventures.

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