The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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Well, we are on Wattpad, so I’m sure a lot of you guys write as well as read. But if you don’t write, that’s totally okay as well, because I’m sure you’ve written something in your life that you’ve struggled with writing.

And, hey, don’t worry if you struggle, we all do it. Do you know how many drafts I have saved for different story ideas that I haven’t gotten around to? Yup, it happens to all of us - we say we’re going to write something right after we finish reading this story on Wattpad, and then we keep reading and reading, and never get around to writing.

I guess we all get stuck at some point. Writer’s block is simply awful, but it’s also inevitable for all good writers. We, as the author, have control over our stories. Do I have this person die? Live? Do they marry? Do they break up? It’s up to us. We can make whatever we want happen with our characters, and it gets to a point where we feel like we actually know our characters.

A lot of the things we write about is based on real life experiences. We want the story to bring out the emotions of the reader. Laugh, cry, smile with the character.

But we are often blinded by our own criticism. We think something is bad, so we’re scared to ask people to read it or ask for their advice. What’s the worst thing that could happen? They say no, they won’t read it. And if that’s the case, they’re the ones missing out. What are we dreading? We’re dreading the people who tell us our work is trash. There’s a difference between correcting something and saying something is just trash. If we disregard all bad criticism, we won’t get any further, and that will only bring you down in the end.

There are always people who will try to help you and ways you can improve your writing. Obviously, there are also people who just read stuff and watch stuff just so they can hit the dislike button. You can’t dwell on those people.

And we want people to read our works, so it’s only fair that other people want us to read their works. You can definitely get overloaded by writing so much at one time, so take a break, read something, maybe get some inspiration, and come back to it.

And in terms of writing, there’s also writing comments and writing reviews. Don’t ever just say this is bad, or don’t do this or that. People don’t like reading that type of stuff. First, if you’re writing a review, tell the person you’re writing to that you enjoyed it because believe it or not, they probably took incredible time out of their lives to write that and probably spent more time writing that than you think. Then, give advice. Even if something is really good, it can always be better. Don’t be rude, but be helpful. Acknowledge the writing style, if it’s unique or what it is. And when you’re giving advice, don’t say, “I didn’t like this because . . .” or “I would change . . .” because they probably are not going to go back and change it or change the whole plot, just for you. Don’t use harsh language because the author might think you are forcing them to do something or change their writing style. And then end with another compliment because there is always something good about a piece of writing.

Once you get a review back on your writing, always thank them because it goes both ways. They took the time out to read your work, so you should always thank them.

And you don’t always have to write for other people. You can write for yourself too. Write about everything that you hate. That you wish you could change. Or you can do what I do. I write about my life, if I had grown up centuries ago. Or if I was in my friends’ shoes. It’s pretty cool, and it’s not like you have to show anyone. Writing in a diary is super good as well, even if you don’t think so. Even just write down what you did that day, because when you are older, you can look back on it, and then, it will be interesting. I look back at what I wrote just a few years ago, and it shocks me to see some of the things I wrote and thought back then. Don’t be scared to give it a shot, and just write down something every day. I promise you that you will enjoy looking back on it.

And don’t be afraid to publish something either. Your writing is good. We often underestimate ourselves. There are fellow writers out there who know how hard it is to form a good storyline, good plot twists, good names, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot. And never be afraid to ask people to read your work! Happy writing!

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