The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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My Views on the World (Pt. 3)

I read William Golding’s “The Lord of the Flies” again today, and I could not help but once again ponder on the nature of mankind. In the story, Golding has a group of British schoolboys stranded on an island, and he describes their failed attempt to govern themselves and keep order, which ends in disaster. I could not help but notice that Golding’s view on mankind was pessimistic, seemingly viewing people as having a natural evil, and these boys that were ages 6-12 that started off so innocent changed so quickly. They imagine a beast, which is figuratively representative of man’s inner evil. The only person who seems to realize this is Simon, who sees the true beast as the boys themselves. Through the story, Golding shows his belief that humans are naturally wicked individuals, which is why most of the boys become savages, eventually completely disregarding the rules and regulations of civilization on the island. The other boys are too immature to understand what Simon is trying to say, and they let their selfishness and greed be brought out of them, for the sake of survival on the island. But we think, how can we blame them? They are young children, and this is how Golding perceived normal children’s reactions if they were placed in such a situation.

Simon symbolically calls it a “beast” - their inner evils. Simon understands what the others don’t. That their inner evils is the greatest thing they have to fear. When he talks of something dirty, Jack interprets it as something physical, but Simon is thinking about moral impurity. To Simon, the dirtiest thing is the natural feeling in all humans to hurt others, to destroy nonliving and living things, and to act for self-gratification thinking about the consequences. Simon is proved right, as these impulses can already be seen among the boys. A young boy has already been killed by the boys’ reckless excitement over making a fire. Jack has broken Piggy’s glasses in a vicious assault that all the boys laughed at. And then they missed a chance of being saved because they were focused on killing a pig. Simon alone has the insight to recognize these signs of “mankind’s essential illness.” That illness, according to Golding, is an innate moral corruption that has the ability to cause destruction and death, if we aren’t careful, and it will result in unintended consequences.

I am going to build off of that because Golding’s story is not the only one that displays a natural evil towards mankind. I try to be open to different ideas, so I’m going to think from the thoughts of what Golding might’ve thought. And I don’t believe Golding is entirely wrong.

I suppose that in everybody, there is an inner good and an inner evil, but it is up to us to decide which side to follow. Will we give in to temptation and greed, or will we resist it in the name of goodness and righteousness? Most people don’t realize that we are our own greatest danger. Sometimes, we allow our innate evils to consume us, and that causes us to act in certain ways.

I’m not sure everyone would understand that. That evil in humanity does exist, but the source lies within ourselves. I said I thought we were naturally good in previous chapters, and I still believe that. The corrupt things in this world cause us to do corrupt things. Even the worst criminals out there, they are broken inside too. If life had been perfect to them, they probably wouldn’t be where they are. But this world isn’t perfect, and we’re going to develop inner evil thoughts. The evil we see in other people exists in ourselves as well, and it is natural for us to feel jealousy, greed, etc when put in certain circumstances.

I’m sure we’ve all had horrible thoughts. Well, I hope we have. I hope it’s not just me. I mean, usually, it’s in a moment of spontaneous anger or frustration, but later, I think, well, that was wrong, wait - why would I even think that?

Yet, I do think that is natural. So I still think in our hearts, we are good. We have an inner evil, but that has to be pulled out of us, often in times of extreme severity or in states of strong emotion. Although, I will say for most people, our conscience allows us to make decisions we truly think are for the better.

I think we all want to do something that will contribute to the goodness in this world, but sometimes it feels like the world is working against us. But everyone can’t be satisfied, so we have to be happy with what we have.

Hi! This is Emmalina. I marked this work as complete on 5/12/20, four months after I joined Wattpad. Right now, it is 5/30/20, but I feel it necessary to right about what’s happening in the world right now, especially after the death of George Floyd and the new rise again on the issue of racism and civil rights. Thank you.

When I look at what’s happening to our world, it is truly terrifying. You’d think that by now, we’d be over it. That we’d have seen what has happened in the past, and we’d have learned from our mistakes and learn to accept that we’re all different, yet all beautiful.

The answer to that? No, we have not learned. The same things are happening now as they happened years ago, and in trying to save ourselves, we are destroying ourselves. It’s terrible, and we need to set things right. We can’t set things right by burgling stores, by destroying cars, by setting things on fire. We’re causing destruction and pain, when that is exactly what we are trying to get rid of. Look at what is happening. Look at the devastation and the ruins we have left behind. In wanting equality for everybody, this is not what we asked for. Burning down harmless businesses, blowing up cars, looting stores. No, this can not continue to happen. We will inflict self-destruction upon ourselves.

Please, we can do something. But we can’t do something if we’re all not going for the same thing.

This poem is for anyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, directly or indirectly. This is for George Floyd. This is for all of the African Americans who have been mercilessly killed or convicted for having done nothing wrong. For the millions who are unemployed right now. For all those people struggling to put food on the table. For anyone who’s been discriminated against, in any way. Who have struggled to find themselves in a place where they were rejected. This poem is for you. For all of you.

With everything going on, we need those little things that give us encouragement. Me? I can’t do anything. I can’t stop the racism, I can’t stop the violence, I surely can’t stop the virus. But I did the one thing I can do - write a poem. I wrote this poem, my only request now, is that you read it. Thank you.

The cruel words they said,
The cruel words they screamed,
No one deserves the
Things I have seen.

How we can be so ignorant
Is beyond me in every way.
It’s like we don’t all hurt, cry,
And bleed all the same.

Like we can’t just respect us
All as human beings.
Learn to see with our hearts,
To find our true meanings.

We shouldn’t have to pretend
Because we’re scared to be torn down.
We shouldn’t have to hide our face because
Others don’t want it around .

The pain of being torn apart,
It’s happened to us all.
But it’s time to get up
And rise from our fall.

These scars do not fade,
They do not heal with time,
But we can look for the clearing
In the dark sky.

When the smoke clears,
And the tears finally dry,
We can come together and solve
Our problems one at a time.

But we can’t do it alone,
We have to work together,
And our beauty will shine,
Brighter than ever.

No matter our looks,
We’re all beautiful inside
Light skin or dark,
We’re all still alive.

So let’s overcome what’s set us
Back for so long.
Come together, and show the world
That we are truly strong.

And we are, we have been,
We just have to stick together.
And I promise in the end,
We can make this world better.

The world we dreamed of
Right from the start.
Let’s make this dream come true,
And make us proud of who we are.

This is a message we all need. Stay your beautiful selves, and be proud of who we are. Together, we can create the world we dream of. During this time of weakness, we need to be there for each other when we need it most.

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