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You're Not Alone (Poem)

We all go through times of difficulty that make us feel like we’re by ourselves and that no one understands what we go through. Truth is, most of the time, we hide how we truly feel, and we fail to see how many people out there go through similar times of struggle. So here’s my poem, and I hope you like it:

Do you ever look around
And wonder your place in this world?
Do you try so hard,
Yet you’re still misunderstood?

Does it feel like the whole world
Is working against you?
And that the friends you most rely on
Don’t always come through?

Do people think you’re one thing,
But they’ve got it all wrong?
And they don’t really know that
You go along to get along?

Do you have the darkest secrets
That nobody knows about?
Are you going through things
That make you want to shout?

There are these things that happen
That others don’t know.
But then why are there some people,
Who just don’t seem to show,

The care, love, and protection
that we all need in our lives.
But it is a sense of belonging
That everyone strives.

Most of us out there
Are too scared to show
Our shadows and fears
For the whole world to know.

Just know that there
Are things people don’t show,
And if you’re struggling with life,
then you’re not alone.

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