The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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The Meaning of Life

Life is special. You may agree. You may disagree. Every day, every hour, people are constantly being born and constantly dying. We exist, good and evil, young and old, in a beautiful harmony. We want to purify the world of evil. But no real world is perfect, and no perfect world is real. Pure goodness in this world is impossible.

We must accept the fact that there is evil in this world. Whether or not you believe it, there is a source of evil that lies within ourselves. Even in the best people. Our job? Keep that within ourselves. We can think bad thoughts, we all do, but who’s going to know? In the end, it’s our conscience that needs to step up and do the right thing.

Now let me ask you this: If there is one thing, what does anyone want in life?

We are all living in this world, just trying to find our way. Make a difference, and hopefully, find ourselves along the way. Our ultimate goal is happiness, through love, self-satisfaction, helping others, money, (I truly hope it’s not) whatever it may be, our end result is happiness.

Now, what is happiness?

For me, happiness is being able to see myself reflected in others. See that I made a difference in somebody else’s life and that they can carry that forwards. Happiness is seeing my loved ones happy. Seeing people happy in general.

Yet, it’s so much harder than just being able to force a smile, nod politely, say, “I’m okay,” and moving on with your life. Anyways, people ask us all the time, “How are you?” The answer is obvious. We’re going to say we’re fine because the last thing we want is someone intruding in our lives, asking questions and prying things out of us that don’t want to be answered. It’s so much as saying, “I’m fine” is a basic ”Leave me alone.” Worse than that, it’s when we are sent to someone like a counsellor, where they basically force everything out of us.

They say, “Everything is confidential, and we won’t tell your parents, teachers, or anyone . . . unless it has to do with this, this, this-”

Um, how about just everything going wrong in our lives?

Now, we could list everything wrong in our lives, family arguments, friends, everything I’ve ranted about through this whole book, but it comes down to this:

We are lucky. You are lucky. You may think you’re not. You may think you have nothing. You may stubbornly insist that nothing has gone right in your life and that no one understands. You may think “life sucks,” and it’s just something you have to accept. You may think, “Why is she talking sunshine and rainbows, because that is not what life is, everything is not okay?!?!”

No, I’m not saying everything is going to be okay, and I am telling you right now, it’s not good for you to pretend things will be alright when they’re not! Especially if you know they are not. It takes a while to accept the things we can’t change, especially if we’re so set that everything’s our fault.

But you have something to look forward to. Every. Single. Day. You wake up, and you have a chance to make things better. You can’t change what’s already happened, and it’s okay if you can’t bring yourself to forgive someone yet. You can’t change the past, but you can live in the moment, and hope for the future.

We’re going to go through life, thinking everything’s awful, and we will miss the important things. We won’t appreciate what we have and what was given to us. No, not everything is going to be alright, and we can ponder about everything wrong with your life, we can think about why we should die, or how no one cares, or how life is simply awful. But if that’s the case, and you truly think you’re worse off than the people around you, and that’s how it was for me for a while, then you need an eye-opener. An eye-opener to life. You truly need to go out to a food bank or go somewhere where people struggle to put a meal on the table and keep a roof over their heads. You need to see how much you actually have and how much you should be grateful for. If only you could have seen what I have seen.

Yeah, I get it. Minor things happen to you, and in your world, yes, it matters. Your phone died. So. Tragic. Yes, you need your phone. I see 8 year-olds with phones. I’m 14 years old, with no phone, with no social media, except Wattpad, and let me tell you. You don’t need a phone. It’s not the end of the world.

My point?

Be. Grateful.

This world will continue to turn, everything’s going to change, things are changing right now, that you probably don’t even realize. People are going to change. And that hurts. It will, and you don’t need to pretend that it doesn’t or try to cover it up and tell yourself everything’s okay.

But there comes a point in time where we have to figure out our true values and what we truly stand for. What’s worth fighting for and what’s not.

We underestimate ourselves.

We say we have no purpose, but that’s your choice. If you think you have no purpose, then you are wrong because we were not given a pre-determined purpose, so that is up to you to decide. You can give yourself a purpose merely by giving back. Making a difference in someone else’s life and learning to change your attitude about the things you can’t change. You can’t change them, so why are you going to dwell on it? Not when you have bigger, better things to look forward to. And you guys don’t realize it, but you all give me a purpose.

I tell you guys. Every. Single. Day. Multiple times. Have you ever talked to me? So much as followed me or looked at anything I have ever posted? Every single time, I always end with “Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina❤️” Stay awesome! Therefore, you are already awesome just the way you are. You are perfectly beautiful, you don’t need to change, you are loved. Say you aren’t loved, and you will be lying to yourself. Maybe it makes you feel better when you say something negative about yourself, and then other people comfort you. Yes, we all have problems. You can complain about your problems, but never compare them to the people around you because they are going through them as well.

To be perfectly honest, it is actually very annoying to hear someone complaining about their life because you don’t want to be rude and tell them they should be grateful for what they have. More than that, you know that what you’re going through is ten times worse than what they are complaining about, but you’re not complaining because the last thing you want is everyone all over you with their unwanted pity for what you can’t change.

And TPWK! Duh, if there’s one thing you need to do to make yourself a better person, it is to. Treat. People. With. Kindness.

We are all fighting some seriously, long, hard battles. You may not realize it, but then again, people don’t realize what you’re going through. You have so much to be grateful for, and I truly hope that one day you will see that, and hopefully, it will not have been too late.

You were given this beautiful life of yours for a reason. You have so much potential, and your life is what you make of it, so I hope you reach all of your dreams and more. I believe in you. Make this life the life you want it to be. If not for yourself, then for the people you love.

Stay you, stay awesome, and treat people with kindness.

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