The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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My Wattpad Journey

January 12, 2020

So, I got Wattpad today. I heard about it from my friends, and they tell me to write inspirational stuff, so this book is my go, I suppose. Honestly, the only reason I’m on here is to read Zayn’s autobiography and maybe some other fanfictions or something. I honestly prefer physical books, though. None of my friends have Wattpad, so I am still pretty confused. I’m looking around, and it looks pretty cool, but I’m still exploring. I decided to document my Wattpad Journey, and when I am finished, I might publish this, but we’ll see.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

February 10, 2020

School has been so frustrating, and I haven’t had much time to write, but I’ve read a lot, and it’s really amazing. I’ve met a lot of friends, and everyone’s super friendly because nobody knows about my past, and they can’t judge me on what they don’t know. I started writing a ton of drafts, but I haven’t found sufficient time to work on one in particular. I have a few followers, and I’m reading a bunch of Harry Potter and One Direction fanfics, but hey, who can blame me?

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

February 15, 2020

So I’m writing now. It’s sort of random, but I guess it’s me. It’s so hard to put feelings into words, but I’m trying. I might publish soon. Maybe people will read. Maybe.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

February 17, 2020

Published a few parts! Crappy cover. Made it myself - hence why it’s crappy. I asked a few people to read it, and they said it was good. Not sure how honest that was though. I feel people just say they’ll read it and just click through it, without fully processing what I’m trying to say. But I guess first reads are always like that, I’d think, anyways. 20 followers . . . milestone, right?

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

February 21, 2020

So, you know, my thoughts book is published now, and I really debated about a name, but I finally chose “The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager,” because, I don’t know, that’s kind of what it is. It has barely any reads so far, and I don’t think many people will read it, but I’m a little scared to ask people to. Who wants to read about my thoughts? Hmmmmm, well, we’ll see.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

March 2, 2020

I never really thought of myself as a poet, but I sat down and wrote a bunch of poems, and well, let’s just say I surprise myself sometimes.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

March 5, 2020

So I published a poetry book, and well, I reached 80 reads on my thoughts book, so I’m really happy. Well, times are quickly changing with this coronavirus. At least I have this to occupy myself with. Wattpad has really taken up a lot of my life. In a good way, I’d say.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

March 14, 2020

I’ve written a lot, and it shocks me how relieving it is to get all those thoughts out. I am definitely not the best writer, but it surprised me how much I realized practically everyone can relate.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

March 20, 2020

50 followers, and 350 reads on my thoughts book. Over 100 reads on my poetry book. I don’t have any other social media, so I’m not really sure if that’s good or not. As a fairly recent writer, I think it’s astounding. I am shocked anyone would even care to even read the introduction, although it’s weird because I have 100 reads on my introduction but then around 20 reads for all the other chapters. I don’t mind though, because I feel a lot of people would still benefit from the Introduction.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

March 31, 2020

I am so utterly flattered. I’ve passed 100 followers, and in one day, my thoughts book has gained over 100 reads, taking it past 500. I look at comments and posts on my conversation board, and it truly makes me happy to know maybe I’m doing something right in this world. It is so unbelievable the quantity of support I’ve received, even from my friends at school who have read over drafts I’ve written, even if they don’t have Wattpad.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 2, 2020

Before I came onto Wattpad, I was an avid reader. I wasn’t sure how much I would be affected or even how long I would keep my account. But the support and variety of things to read and check out and give advice to other people’s writings is crazy good. Just the interaction is incredible. I swear, I used to come home every day feeling so insecure, and I’d wonder what the heck was my problem. My world would go topsy-turvy in a minute. I’d cry every single freaking day, and it was a miracle if I didn’t. I see how much other people relate, the beautiful words people tell me, and I cry.

I read every single comment, and sometimes, I’m so blown away by people’s kindness, I’m so flattered, I don’t even know what to say. Even the simple comments, like, ”Mhm, I agree,” and “Relatable.” And then the comments that are full-blown paragraphs, it’s all just like whoa! And then the most amazing compliments, like, “This belongs on bookshelves,” and one of my favorite ones ever, “I see the next Sherlock Holmes.”

All of it means so much to me, I can’t even describe my gratitude. I am seriously ordinary, in a not-so-ordinary way. I mean, I go to school, I’m busy, and all of that, and then, this is so crazy. I cry when I read the most beautiful comments, I mean, how could I not? All my life, I’ve been told that I’m wrong, that I’m worthless, that nobody cares, that I shouldn’t ca- No. That’s wrong. Somebody always cares, and there is always something left to love. And if I haven’t learned that by now, then I haven’t learned anything.

I don’t even know what my purpose is in this world yet, but I just want to inspire people and encourage people to do their best and to be themselves. I just want to help bring out people’s true beauty and for them to see it in themselves. I’m so grateful for everything and everyone, and I feel so blessed.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 5, 2020

200 followers! I published a new part of my thoughts book today. It was called “My Testimony.” Over 5,000 words - that’s way longer than any of my other chapters, but I guess my other chapters are usually only like 600 words or so. It was my life. I feel we hide a lot while behind a screen, but I try to be honest here because how are people going to relate to a bunch of lies? I mean, they could, but I feel there are a lot of people out there who could relate to what I’m going through.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 8, 2020

I haven’t even been keeping track of my reads or votes, and all of a sudden, I look, and I have 947 reads? How is that even possible? *faints* I am trying to dedicate myself to starting an actual book, but every time I start, I get ideas for other stories, and well, hopefully I’ll get around to it.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 9, 2020

I am literally staring at my book sitting at 999 reads. Wow. This is so incredible. I can’t believe it.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 9, 2020

Okay, did I think I’d be back here in one day? No, but I’ve reached 1K reads! Yay! I’m so grateful for all the support, and now that I’m this far, I hope I don’t disappoint.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 15, 2020

So I’m starting to write an actual book now, but I’m not sure whether I should publish all at once or as I go along. I feel like a lot of people publish as they go along, but to be honest, I know I’ll go back and make major plot changes, but I’m not sure. Well, I reached 300 followers today, which is pretty epic. I have a lot of reads and votes, but I don’t really pay attention to that anymore. I know there are a lot of people out there, who just go through and hit the vote button. How do I know? Because it shows you vote for all my parts in one minute, duh. I’m a fast reader, but even I can’t read and vote for a whole book in one minute. If that’s your way of showing support, that’s fine, but I’m super appreciative of the people who are actually reading it.

I’ve gotten a lot of rude comments on the cover of my thoughts book, which kind of makes me sad, so I might ask my followers if any of them can make me a better cover.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 17, 2020

I put up a request on my conversation board for anyone who wanted to make me a cover. I was flattered by the number of book covers I have received, and they are all so beautiful, and I am so grateful. I swear I have the most amazing followers and receive the best support ever.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 20, 2020

I feel bad. Really really really really bad. I got a bunch of different book covers, but in the end, a friend offered me the best thing yet - advice on how to make book covers!!! So I just made one myself. Everyone says they like it, but I don’t think they know that I’m the one who made it. =( I want to cry because I feel so bad, and everybody’s been so kind, and I really am truly grateful for all the help and support I’ve received.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 22, 2020

I’m so close to 1K reads on my poetry book. I’m at 880 right now! My thoughts book has racked up 1.6K reads, and I’m so confused at how that is even possible!

I stopped paying attention to reads, votes, etc, so some days, when I randomly look at it, I will be so shocked, and I will just hope that people like it.

And I passed 400 followers yesterday, I mean come on, can my day get any better?

These people literally put a smile on my face, and oh, moment of stupidity here.

I entered these awards a few weeks back, and they accepted my entry, right? Today, one of the organizers commented on my form saying, “Make sure you follow the rules @kcgumgum8.” I was so confused, and then I looked back up, and in the form, I had typed, ”Rules followed: no” I mean, like, come on, how stupid do I get? *Sigh* #quarantine, as my sister says.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 23, 2020

So both of my books moved on to the next round of the Readers Choice Awards! Wow, that is incredible!

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 24, 2020

My poetry book hit 1K reads! Woo-hoo! My thoughts book also got featured as Work of the Week in this writer’s club book. That is truly flattering. I’m so grateful for everything. I also published the first chapters of my new book today!

Oh, and something stupid and weird I want to tell someone about. You know how everyone always puts smiley faces, and they do :) Well, I used to do that, but then I thought, let’s try something new, and this smiley face I did was the cutest thing ever: =)

So I use that from now on, and well, sorry for being weird. But I put =) now on almost every message because it’s so adorable!

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

April 29, 2020

Gosh, 500 followers and 2K reads on my thoughts book? I swear, I am so spoiled by my beautiful followers. Anyways, a lovely friend of mine and I are working on a poetry club for poets. It’s called the Scribble Society. Beautiful name, if I do say so myself. Haha, we’re sort of procrastinating though.

It’s weird because I was never into poetry before, but ever since I got on Wattpad, I’ve turned into a full-blown poet, which was like four months ago. And it’s like a hidden talent I never knew I had!

Oh, and by the way, my friend seriously freaked me out this morning because she told me she was leaving Wattpad because she was being bullied! NO ONE DESERVES THAT! Especially not someone as nice as her. I see that happening too often, and it’s simply awful! But I’m going to leave that topic alone now.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

May 2, 2020

So, apparently, according to my sister, both “The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager” and “The Poems of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager” were featured on an official Wattpad reading list for the whole month of April!?!?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! And she didn’t tell me until now because . . .

Anyways, each month they highlight rising authors and their works, and I guess they found me, and they put my works up there for the month of April. My poetry book was #3 on the list! But they put both of them up there, which is seriously incredible, since there were only around 20 books on there, and that’s for all of Wattpad! So that’s the good news for today! =)

Oh, and I published an art book for my digital art a couple of days ago, and people love it! It already has nearly 200 reads, that is truly flattering!

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

May 5, 2020

So I came up with a poetry challenge for myself to motivate myself to write more. So I’m writing a poem a day for the whole month of May. The book’s called “May I be Inspired.” “May” get it? Never mind . . .

Anyways, I’m on Day 5, and the amount of people who have already read it is incredible. I noticed these poems are so much more sadder than my normal poetry, but I guess it reflects me and whatever I’m going through.

Aaaah, and my art book is at 500 reads, and I’ve had so many requests!!!! I can’t even begin to describe my gratitude.

I literally can not believe all the beautiful comments I’ve seen, and I really want to hug every single one of my followers, (not literally, with the virus and everything going around) because they are all so amazingly beautifully brilliant, and sometimes, they’re blinded by their self-deprecation.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

May 12, 2020

I am deciding to complete, “The Thoughts of a Perfectly imperfect Teenager.” I pondered on it for a long time, and I finally decided that I should. It has been four months since I joined Wattpad, and I am grateful beyond belief. I have also decided to publish this chapter, which I had started the very first day I got Wattpad.

At the beginning of this long quarantine, I had 16 followers and the works I had published had like 100 reads. Now, I have over 500 followers and this work has over 2K reads. This. Is. Crazy. If you think you’re not going to get anywhere, you will. Trust me. If I can do it, then surely, you can too. I am normal, well, normal as in, I started writing within the past year, and it’s not like I’m some crazy, famous writer or anything. Nobody at school would ever believe I could write, if I told them, they would never believe me, yet you all bring me such hope and happiness into my life, that I truly believe it now.

I never thought I would be anything, and here I am. I’m something, whatever that something may be.

I think that maybe when I’m older, I will look back at this, and maybe, I will make some sense out of these thoughts of mine.

To whoever is reading this, I implore you to read the Author’s Note in the following chapter, and I hope you enjoyed this work. I am thoroughly satisfied with this book, and I hope you are as well. May you take the seed of kindness and hope I have given you to bloom into something brilliant and spread it on to others.

Stay awesome, and TPWK -Emmalina 💖

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