The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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My Views on the World

Is the world naturally good or bad? This is an interesting question because I actually get asked my opinion on it a lot.

This can be interpreted in many ways. I will start by saying that every bad thing that happened in the world was good for somebody. Small or big, people do things for a reason. Things happen for a reason.

I think a lot of things depend on the person and the situations experienced by the person because some people have done bad things out of necessity, while others have done bad things just because they can, like someone stealing food to survive compared to someone stealing a car. Overall, I will say I think people are good, but experiences, like tough childhood, bad influences, disabilities, the say they were brought up and by whom, mental issues, have caused some people to see the world differently and react in a certain way.

I mean, no one has to teach you how certain things are bad or good. Like, we just know not to murder people or damage someone’s things because that’s bad. But certain things have to be taught and enforced, not just in the manner of parents teaching kids but also as a society in which a government needs to enforce rules that not everyone agrees with instead of just letting people do what they want because they have faith that everyone will do the right thing.

I know that not everyone is like this, and some take advantages over others, but the majority of humanity I believe to be good by what we typically view as good, but in no way perfect.

I believe most people are good because most people would help someone in need, want people to succeed, and are kind. But there are also exceptions because of what we mean when we say people are naturally good or bad.

I mean, who defines good? And by what standards: us, God, a government, a judge? I think our biggest critics are ourselves, and whoever is reading this, know you are wonderful and never underestimate yourself. And what a hypocrite I am! I try to bring other people up, but maybe I should start listening to my own advice!

But in conclusion to the question, I do believe there is good in everyone, whether or not we all choose to show it.

People say I have an unrealistic view of the world, but I don’t think it’s that hard to find something good in everyone.

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