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We'll Make It (Poem)

Before I got on Wattpad, I’ve never really written a poem, except for school. I just wrote this poem for myself, and I am thoroughly shocked and pleased. Maybe I should try writing more poetry. Anyways, you can tell me what you think:

I was born into so much,
Took everything for granted.
We feel we have so little,
So much that we’ve demanded.

“Life sucks, I hate my life,”
We’ve told ourselves so many times.
We limit ourselves by the ignorance
Of other people’s minds.

Stop and think about your life
And then about the lives of so many others.
We’re lucky to have what we have,
Even if it’s not all what we are after.

Life will try to drag you down,
But that’s what makes it life.
Because it wouldn’t feel half as right if we got
Luxury without work and strife.

But you have to keep going.
You have to still try.
Crawl, and then walk,
And then run, and then fly!

I’ll make it, you’ll make it,
We’ll make it together.
We can make it
Through the Heartbreak Weather.

Have faith in yourself,
And I’ll have faith in you too.
Love yourself,
And love what you do.

We can, we will,
We must succeed.
The same smiles we share.
The same blood we bleed.

With different looks, different personalities,
Different goals to achieve,
By working together,
We can reach all of our dreams.

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