The Thoughts of a Perfectly Imperfect Teenager

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Love. It brings some up. It drags others down. But in the end, isn’t love all anyone wants? To love someone and to be loved back?

We all love different people in different ways, and who’s to determine whether those ways are right or wrong? I don’t believe there’s any wrong way, as long as true affection exists between the two people.

Nowadays, it’s so annoying. Why do we have to define ourselves by our gender and our sexuality? If love is truly love, how is one to actually define themselves as liking girls or boys? You can’t just say, “I’ll never like a girl/boy” because things can happen, you never know. Maybe a girl or boy will pop up that you will truly love? Will you reject them then because they’re not the “proper” gender for you?

I am not a part of the LGBTQ+ community, although I am a large supporter of it. I wouldn’t consider my parents homophobic exactly, but they don’t fully express their approvals, so I wouldn’t ever tell them how strongly I support it.

Boyfriends. Okay, this is something way out there for me. And I know half the students in my school would disagree with me. I am in the eighth grade. Middle school that is from sixth to eighth grade. And I’m sorry, but the students at my school believe they are way older and way more mature than they are, yet their mental capacity and childish actions show otherwise.

I never speak about how I feel about boyfriends because my twin sister has had a lot. And excuse me, how long has any of them lasted? A couple days, a week, okay, a month for maybe one person!

Who needs to waste their time on dating in middle school? Okay high school, fine. And some eighth graders, like me, are taking a bunch of courses now to get high school credits, but that does not mean you have the maturity of high schoolers because at our school, we definitely do not.

And might I add this in for the Directioners: “Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re brave enough to wait for someone you deserve.”
-Niall Horan ❤

It’s not that I don’t believe in love at first sight or true love because I do. I just don’t believe in true love in middle school because we are all honestly too dumb to even know what we’re doing.

And it changes you. My best friends and my sister, they had their first boyfriends in fifth grade. And oh, how it pained me so because we had been in the same class since first grade, and I saw the changes in their personalities and attitudes when they got boyfriends. And it was stupidish stuff because how could anything be serious at that point? But it was for them, and all they wanted to do was impress the boys, always flirting, and getting into a literal cycle. Get a boyfriend, be happy with them, break up, be depressed, be mad at them, and repeat.

But seeing what happened to them, I told myself early on that I’m not going to be that girl hiding out in a bathroom stall, crying over some boy who liked me for a few days and then decided I wasn’t good enough for him. I have better things to do with my time. And at that age, I did as well. I can’t be bothered by that. Not when most of the boys at school are so narrow-minded and just plain ignorant. I want more than just the physical love most girls want. I want spiritual love from someone who understands me.

I don’t have anyone to impress except myself, and when I’m in high school, then I’ll consider a boyfriend. But it’s not even something I really think about. I feel if I’m meant to be with someone, it will happen without me having to search for it.

I’m definitely not a romantic person, but I do understand love. I understand that feeling of longing for someone who you can depend on and who can depend on you. I get that because I feel everyone’s final goal in life is to have experienced love and to have given others love.

And yes, I love a love story. I think the relationships between people are fascinating, and I could read love stories all day.

So, to wrap up this topic, if you are out there, and you’re single like me. If you’re wishing there was someone to love, someone to love you. Don’t worry, be patient. It will come to you. And when it does, it will have been worth the wait.

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