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A collection of poems that stuck my mind.

Poetry / Romance
Lava 🌹
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Poem _1|An Indian Bride

"Timidness in her smile Crowned on those cherry lips , Grace and poise in her walk And a sense of hesitation in her dark eyes;

As she walks down the aisle Holding her beloved father's hand , The man who has always been there for her

Her Hero! And she knew they'll never be the same again.
At least not after tonight.

Her father smiles at her and she returns it the most pleasant way possible,
Holding her icy tears of separation in.
Her eyes glister
She is an Indian bride.

As she enters the luxurious Hall
Every man jack of a person is staring at her,
Start from her eyes covered ,
That's where the window to heart lies.
They too 'rounded by obsidian Kajal
Then the prodigious bindi,
Hyena on those wispy palms
And her silky, long, black tresses tied in a messy, loose bun
Symbolism of her being a women;

The long trail of bangles in her hands
Jewellery covering her body like the stars cover the sky
The gorgeous jhumka , the large nose- ring and the maang tikka
Ravishing Anklets toes to her svelte legs
Which are heavy as hell
But add to her radiant self ;

At last, not the least
The long, beguiling Crimson Lehanga
A dress that'll make anyone jealous
But no it doesn't represent wealth but her innocence
But the most alluring part is that twinkle in her eyes
She is an Indian bride.

There's make-up on her face
Tonnes of it, not to hide her face because it's just one of a kind
Not meant to conceal
But she is bond with obligations;

Slowly her glistening eyes shift to the groom
The man, that'll be only hers after tonight
The one who'll protect her, her saviour.
He is keen, tall and rich ;

One of the sweetest and kindest person she ever met
Will keep her happy and content all her life
Thinks the society and her family
But she doesn't want to go, not with a person she met just a few times .
He is one of the best
But still she it's not enough
Still she seals her emotions and forces a smile
Never wants to let her parents down
She is an Indian bride.

She'll find happiness in the lost and the the found
In her new life, she'll learn to trust him.
But She doesn't get how can she trust someone she met a few days ago
And she is been sent away with him
The man will not be bad ,he ought to be good
For her father chose him for her
He'll never be wrong;

Look at her siblings her sister who will get her all her jewellery and her room
And her brother will cry, he's trouble but he is the closest person to her
Her mom is filled with pride as her daughter is a woman now
And her father he is a hero managing everything,he hides his emotions;

Out of the blue, her husband-to- be
Takes her hand from her father
"You look wow tonight", he whispers in her ear making her blush!
She smiles, it's not forced but arises
Her spouse not be that bad, she thinks.

She accepts the fate,like It's her destiny
Just meant to be
She is perplexed, jovial,happy, shy, sad, mad and a lot
All the mix of emotions but it'll be all right
For She is an Indian bride. "


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