Short Poems

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Short poems or lyrics written by me, kind of like my thoughts in diff point of times

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I just want to say a few things...

About life. somehow it all feels so sad. What I mean is there can be so many unexpected things that turn up since life is unpredictable and it just catches you off guard. There are also many different perspectives to look from, not just your own. Through the many challenges that appear in our lives I think we can learn a lot from them. There are many things we can change.

Sometimes you would begin to realise things, you would begin to realise that not everything is what it seems. Once things happen, there may be no way to turn back. you may not get that something back. Perhaps, many times in life we’re fixed in our own thinking, our own perspectives and we may fail to take a look around us.

There are many good things in life and there definitely are many things in life to be thankful for. But the saddest thing is the past for me because you don’t get to go through them again, or maybe because as you grow up, you lose the people you love. Maybe you regret things as well, or wished you had done something.

I’m saying this because, everyone always says live life to the fullest, but sometimes it may be hard to but I think we can try and achieve that. We still have lots to learn and grow up as people and there will definitely be many things to experience as we go forward...

There are often too many questions, doubts, and so many tough decisions to make. When one thing happens one after another, a swirl of emotions will overwhelm you. Sometimes, all you need is to breathe and think properly before doing anything.

My thoughts are why I wrote this poems and lyrics. I let out exactly how I feel about many different things that I experienced that affected me over the years. This book 'SHORT POEMS' is thus especially meaningful to me. It's my step to opening up to how I feel deep inside. All poems are my original work, and some inspired by others.

I hope this journey will be one that is especially heart-warming, relatable, and meaningful. I hope you can gain some kind of understanding from this book. Thank you for reading, as always. Don't forget to like, comment and give a review because this means a lot to me.

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