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The emptiness in a life lacking Christ Despite how much we posses, we're still not complete. This write-up, in so many ways points out this fact, and goes on to explain the bliss in finding God..

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I am tall

Yet, I see not the things that are above.

I am strong and fierce

Yet, crumbled by pressures and fear.

Ardorned in the shiniest of ornaments

Yet, dependent on the sun for light.

With wealth, so much that I can't count

My health fails me and I still cannot save me.

With all that I've gathered

I still feel deprived.

With power and freedom

Yet, I feel constrained.

At this point I stop to reflect and I am gripped from every corner by my fears.

I've heard stories of hell

I'm so scared!!

As my conscience ain't that clear.

As I struggled to breathe, I began to believe what the pastor had preached.

I'm in deep shit, as my whole life has been without him.

Truly! There is a king greater than me.

I never stopped to acquire, got all I ever desired, but this one thing I still require, as my money cannot acquire!!

A chance at eternity,

To live with the true king and experience immortality.

Now I speak to the king of kings

He always listens!!

That my sins be forgiven

And I be set free!!

For indeed we never live until we believe in him and see life as his gift.

This indeed is the definition of Christianity!!

"A life in him"

"A life of bliss"


SEP 11th, 2020

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