Making Me

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at a little after three

clear and thick

the sliding door

old and heavy


creaks open


creaks shut



at five minutes after three

shoes in hand

grip tighter than death

no socks

absorbing the shock

just dirty pads of tiny feet

muffling the siren

old, decaying floorboards

moan underfoot

through the kitchen

creak on the way out



by three-fifteen

a small body

is put back into place

in a cranny getting smaller by the day

try squeezing into a new space

find somewhere unknown

just in case

forty pounds added

groan under the pressure

the door of the bathroom closet

creaks closed



at give-or-take five

a car drives up

screech of the engine

the sliding kitchen door

whines open

the floorboards

echo beneath

the footsteps of a woman

at a little over five feet



a little after the sounds

reach the back of the house

the pounding

of little feet

escaping their confines

greets her mother in the hall

greets her father in the living room

reclining quietly

having gotten home

at a little after two


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