Making Me

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forever famished


how much more do i respect

the woman who honors herself

before honoring commitments to others

she will know laughter as a love song

romance herself

she will know the sun more intimately than the clouds

raining down condemnation

too high up to know how the earth quakes


she knows


love cannot be shown

solely by self sacrifice

the martyr digs a grave

sheet music buried deep below

rots with the rest of her soul

which you sell for bread to fill rosy cheeks


she forgets


did she know

like how she once knew every inch of herself

that her life gained forty pounds

if she keeps her word

that dead weight will be dragged behind her

hungry for the memory of her cooking


she weakens


ignore the mirror

the supernovae

tearing at the fabric of her reality

stars young and old caught in orbit

engulf the whole galaxy

how do you keep them ignorant of the end of the universe?

she finally looks down

where did that black smudge on her dress come from?


she lies


stars mourn their radiance

never escaping

mourn their existence

the cause of this destruction

young stars radiating poison

sunburn her skin

she burns through a cigarette

extinguishes the ember

snuffs out the last traces of light


she rails


it is not love that stuffs rot

into those perfect little cheeks

unending hunger

rain waters stripping away

the nutrients of the earth

carried her out to sea

she chose to sink

never swim for the sunlight

playing just above the water’s surface


she regrets


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