Making Me

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my eyes squinted

my nose flared

my head cocked

my voice raised

increasing speed

what am i?

telling a joke

my sarcasm notifying only one person

the audience remains silent


my tone chipper

my mouth wide

my cheeks flushed

there’s a gleam this time

what am i?


as polite as i think

is necessary


my arms waving

grasping for your attention

my hands doing the talking

on behalf of

my quivering voice

what am i?

low on energy

can’t keep this up for long

clinging to the charade

mask slowly slipping down


my face is red

my eyes just as much

my response comes

but when it does

my teeth sink in

quiet the chatter

what am i?


feet locked in place

running no longer an option

not wanting to hurt anyone

on my way out


my tears trickle

rapids follow


my avalanche

set off by someone near

wiping out the next person

and the next

my body buried in the snow

what am i?


if i don’t cry

everyone will see it

the monster atop the icecaps

a ghost unhindered

in this ice age


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