Making Me

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feng shui


all i want

is to feel them again

hands outstretched

there was always someone

to squeeze back

that was back

in the city where streetlights

served as a hearth in the winter

and substituted the stars

we directed our love songs to


all i want

is to go back home

but i’m already home

home where i’ll never know

if his back is slouched

i imagine it straight

at least one of us should still be strong

or would i be happier

if one of them were curled up

shivering for warmth

under a sky that shines all on its own?


all i want

is to go back to bed

except the sheets are already tucked in

the murmur of dusk

is singing me a lullaby

and all i want

is to change the channel

back to music hummed by

a dreary passengers’ march

not this ballad of birds

this pestilence of crickets


all i want

is to forget

the day i dismantled my room

reassembled it somewhere new

somewhere that should be old

none of the furniture matches

we have different tastes now


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