Making Me

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the leprechauns went extinct


proud uncertainty

stable satisfaction

what a lovely home you have


every time i look up

check the sun’s still there

resolve be damned

cowardly desire

pours through the holes in my logic

people with a roof over head

have greater luck finding happiness

than those exposed to the elements

place the pail below the leak


lazy rainbows stretch

just outside my window

promises broken

unable to give up

treasures beyond that bridge

toying with curious minds

run to their ends

hazard the risk

destiny lies there

those who were willing to wet their hair

are given a head start in the downpour


fortune does not favor the curious

much less the meek

even less the inept

the story dies again

the fountain pen

drills deep

geysers of red

spouts from fairies’ backs

no other colors follow


blinds drawn

keep onlookers in

basement sealed

basking in the gleam

of the golden lions’s roar

overflowing my bath

the box of numbness fills

i forgot how to swim

drown while dreaming


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