Making Me

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sell by date


how much of what i say

is a clever play

drawing out sympathy

i need everyone near me

to reassure

i am cured

my identity preserved


“i’m all i need”

still i heed

the sway of others’ moods

don’t wanna be rude

‘show us that faux laughter’

it’s only hours after

i allow the disappointment to sink in

still calling this one a win

because i’m still one of their kin


i’m not alone anymore

so long as i never bore

play the fool

friends are the tool

i use to mend my broken ego

never let go

of the person that i used to be

this life was not free

your current life has no guarantee


pay the piper

your fruits growing riper

sell at the market

a rotten harlot

‘don’t ruin your future prospects’

with a creeping feeling, she suspects

it’s not long till she reaches her shelf life

from this chest, draw a knife

serve myself up to the masses

fruit flies giving me classes

on self love and respect

never reflect

on how they ate of my fruit

the next group following suite

still i welcome every new recruit

how much easier would it have been

to burn up this sin

my fruitful deceit

in the fiery heat

of my dying heart

but that’s not the kind of art

this venue of critiques understands

the power each ally commands

a unified flag serving as slave brands

these people saved my after all

and i still have the gall

to say i saved myself

i’m still on the shelf

won’t let myself expire

the situation’s not so dire

after all

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