Making Me

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good faith


“here’s your change”

said the wisher to the well

a transaction of good faith

copper smelting a golden dream

drowns below

her cries caught in the stream

if a bribe was enough

buy a ledge

scale the walls of this begotten shaft

her tears already double her weight

paid in full plus interest

raise her up

yet for all the coins tossed

desperate pleas

her fervent wish

always incurring losses

the fountain dried up

she swims through a pool of iron

never exchanged

a monument to her shame

’only she looked down

her foothold already cast

alas, the gleam of the stars

infinitely more mesmerizing

than the glow of the golden throne

every toss piling underfoot

surfaced breached

still climbing

memories faded

never the shine in her eyes

waiting for the sensation

of cool spring water

against her skin

to float her up

a fountainhead of precious metals

met the obsidian night sky

twin silver moons

the drought continues


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