Making Me

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slow leak


something is clinging to my chin

all but forgotten

easily passed off as nothing

till it comes back again

when this can’t be happening


sea foam gathers on my shoreline

rides my waves inland

a mass of black mold and pollution

aggregating, expanding

blocking incoming signals

pushing inwards, swarming

cries for help drowned out by the gulls


something that should not be here

calls in troops

comes down cascading

claw a path out my eyes

leave me blind to what’s coming


the cruelest form of mercy

this invading navy shows

letting me remain sheltered

higher than the foam can reach

in a lighthouse designed

to overlook my tragedy

bluebeard keeping me confined


the pressure builds

expanding my rib cage

life like sand reshapes

blast through my sternum

so the air might escape


hide the body ’still alive

it floats to the surface

the first air bubble pops

limbs run blind

eyes darken

the prick of foam bursting

against my cold skin


foam infects my lungs

spills out my throat

the ocean within too vast

no streams nor rivers

let the the sea salt past


sand eroding back out to sea

takes a piece of me

the mass of sea waste

fatter with each wave

all of my oxygen

siege and seize

a war of attrition


spread like ivy up my lighthouse

until that too falls to the sea

i stop manning the tower

that something clinging to my chin

long since turned to august showers


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