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A long walk through nature in a bid to uncover its secretes!!!

Poetry / Adventure
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Chapter ONE

Angry!! For the things I do not know.

Puzzled by questions unanswered,I sought answers from the sea.

Why such endowments!! Tho treated like an outcast by those she had called family, driven from her home, separated from land and was made to exist on her own.

The fishes, sea monsters and all that lived beneath; all hers to own, never was she alone. From whence does she flow?

Her destination unknown, she never runs dry, waters that replenishes itself as she flows!!

Taken away by my wandering mind; up to the sky, the wonders that lurked therein I did not understand.

I went on, to the highest of mountains and again I sought answers!!!

Why he had the wonders of the sky gather roundabout, I could not decipher.

There he was!! Seated so firm, he could not be moved. With a crown of clouds on his head; he ruled!!!

He stood the test of time, all battles won, he never lost. I am puzzled, these things I do not know.

Unable to find rest, I am again carried away by this wandering mind, to the desert.

Caught in the sandstorm, my questions yet unanswered and my restless mind yet to find rest.

Puzzled, baffled, crippled by my ignorance, I had wished to know!!

Hence i searched!!

When! Where! Why! How!

These words I muttered, lost in thoughts as my mind sought answers!!

Then came the rain, so heavy a downpour; I trembled as the thunder rumbled. The lightning struck and at last light had shone on my path.

That which was vague and obscure now seemed to be clear.

I've found it, I've found it, I exclaimed!!! The answers seemed to have come to me. It dawned on me at that point, that rest was near!!!

At last my wandering mind could now rest from it's quest.

Why question mother nature, why doubt her beauty, her magnificence, the beauty of the sea, the height of the mountains with clouds that surrounds it.

These conclusions I made as I gave in to mother nature and embraced her swings.

My quest at last, I end!!


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