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A series of poems from my life.

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Why Be Professional?

I’ve been walking up hills all my life.

I’ve pushed and dragged things on my way, too.

I’ve never stopped.

Not once.

Because I know people need help going up hills.

So I push and I pull and I climb up.

So high up I can see everything behind me and

In front of me.

I finally got to the point where I was showing people how to climb up.

One person went with me to the bottom of the hill and

Before we began to climb up they laughed.

They laughed

And walked away.

Another person shoved me and yelled, “I bet I could go faster in front.”

Another person went with me to the top and said, “That’s it?”

Then they rolled back down the way they climbed,

Even though I told them not to go back.

The last person made it with me to the top as well,

Then they pushed me down the other side,

Into everything in front of me,

Into everything that was going to be,

Causing it to break and crash,

Like bowling pins after a strike.

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