Sweetness of Poetry

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8. Daddy

Dedicated to all daddy’s kids out there.

To all the readers of this book, thank you for the 200 reads. It means alot to me, thaaaank you.

I appreciate your likes, feedback and reviews. There are more interesting stuff I’ve prepared for the chapters to come and I bet you’ll love it.

Now, go ahead and read what I have prepared for you


I’ve seen you in my endeavor.

Living dusty for my comfort you always did.
Overnights you said awake; for my sake.
Very determined you got, for my primary growth.
Ever friendly, my dearest being.

“You are me” as you’ve always told me.
On my heart your love is imprinted and my utmost wish

is to spend more years by your side.

Daily, your words give me strength
another year is knocking on our door and
dedicated I promise to be for you and your comfort,

because you light my world.


I wrote this poem sometimes back for my father’s birthday.

I have spent most of my years with him. Playing, cooking, touring, teaching, and doing all other crazy, playful and amazing stuff. To me, I’m closer to my dad than my mom, maybe that’s why I love him so much. What about you?

My dad is older than me, but when it comes to poetry, we are age-mates; because we will write poems, edit them, recite and sing them with all emotions like drama on stage. Don’t mention competing for poetry awards in Cartoon Ink Writers Network Online Poetry Contests. I enjoy those times, and always will. I love you daddy.

Daddy, I know you are reading this and you are smiling because I mentioned the poetry competition. You are always the first to comment on my updates and that’s why I love you most.


I mentioned about the poetry contests up there, if you would like to participate, comment below and I will share the link to your wall.

Share with me your thoughts in the comments below.

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The next update will be on Tuesday

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Love you all :3

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