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9. Breakable No More

Dedicated to my latest favourite fan @myownpen. Thank you for your amazing feedback. Your motivation spiked my writing mood. I love you. I’ve enjoyed your work too “By Anyone” and it’s an amazing write! Keep on writing dear, I enjoy reading your work.

I appreciate your likes, feedback and reviews. There are more interesting stuff I’ve prepared for the coming chapters and I bet you’ll love it.

Now, go ahead and read what I have prepared for you.


Breakable no more

I can break no more,
nothing within me is breakable,
not anymore.

She was a star
twinkled for my night and day,
but one night, she dulled and disappeared.
to who knows where?

She blinded me with uselessaffection,
printed her love in my heart portion,
tattooed her name on my chest,
in and on me is dominantly her.

Now that she’s no more,
can I erase her?
Burning the tattooed imprint on my skin
will leave a scar.
An ugly scar,
Uglier than
the soul she burnt.
Uglier than
the heart she broke.


I wrote this poem for a 15 days poetry marathon with my friends. A poem a day, keeps stress at bay.

Actually, this is my Day 1 poem. This bloke who was deeply in love with her, got his heart broken. After all they shared, he let her colonize him. Was that really a good idea?

Why did she leave him? Where did she go? Should he erase the tatoo? Will her name be erased in his heart too?


The a-poem-a-day-4-15-days-marathon is awesome. I am on it with 5 of (my poets) friends and things are on fire💥💥💥 ,that means more amazing poems are loading...

Share with me your thoughts in the comments below.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Love you all :3

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