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10. Dark beauty

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Dark Beauty

Luxuried on bed for days
And got bored after seven,
he travelled the cancereous ways
for a vacation in heaven.

The wood he sold for years
haunted him even.
the once called skies
cried gray more often.

He enhanced the beauty of the areas,
more so in the gardens.


I was inpired by my urge to conserve mother nature. People cut trees without replacing them, that causes deforestation. They pay no attention to air pollution, water pollution, soil pollutio and that does nothing but making earth as lifeless as pluto.
Here, I was talking about this man who died because of various cancer attarcks after being bedridden for quite some time. He was among the people who cut trees for money. He caused pollution and as a result it caused him cancer back.

Please take care of mother earth. Preserve her as you preserve your face.


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