Sweetness of Poetry

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11. Graph of Life against Strive

I appreciate your likes, feedback and reviews. There are more interesting stuff I’ve prepared for the coming chapters and I bet you’ll love it.

Now, go ahead and read what I have prepared for you.

Graph of life against strive

Do not allow your deeds dictate you,
do not allow your ‘now’ normalize you,
do not allow used people make you useless,
do not allow life make you lifeless.

call your coordinates of strength
and plot your graph of life.
Denote the gradient positive
then walk your way up the curve
with extreme perseverance.

At last,
You’ll make it with success
to the city of happiness.
This is a motivational poem. Never lose hope in life. Just do your best and keep striving.
Thank you for reading. I hope you like it.

Let us meet next time. Bye.

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