Sweetness of Poetry

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1. All About You

Here comes my first poem. Edited by FicMaTa . Unfortunately she does not have an Inkitt account. You can check her in Wattpad(@FictionalMagicalTamer) and see her wonderful works.


All About You

My icy heart melts

for your love.

My feelings for you grow daily,

for our moves.

Your expressions define my mood,

Because you are the controller of my expression.

I am sure I will go mad,

If you give me a substitution.

Your affection is so hot

I don’t want to go back to earth.

Your stars are near and bright

Not far and dim like those on earth.

I love your smile,

It’s seductive and cute.

When I look at your alluring self, I smile

Undoubtedly you’re the winner of any beauty contest.

It’s super, how attractive you are

No wonder your soul is the magnet to mine.

I can’t stop thanking the Mighty Powers

That paired me to a beauty package as you.

I am glad to call you mine.


What are your thoughts?

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