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4. Permanent Scars

This is Sunday’s update. Posted earlier in appreciation to @gully436abdallah for the affection and motivation she has given me. Thank you dear.

Love you all, I hope you will enjoy the poem✨


Permanent Scars

Time supposedly heals all wounds,

and it would - only if it could.

Yet some wounds can not be healed,

those permanent scars have been sealed.

Locked inside is all the burning pain,

which can not be washed away by even the heaviest rain.

If only you could feel how much it hurts,

yet I would not wish that upon even the cursed.

The pain is a dagger which stabs my heart,

and pricks it every second till it tears apart.

Like a flower whose petals have been plucked,

all I feel is emptiness inside.

Though for you my heart weeps a river of blood,

you are not to be blamed for this flood.

I’m letting you go even if you were never mine.

It was my mistake to think this could be just fine.

Our moments together were precious and few,

But I cherished them more than you knew.

I miss you, my Angel, and always will.

I loved you then, and I love you still.


I think this heartbreak is a strong one.

When I was writing this poem, I imagined the man as the heartbroken one. But you can reverse it if you wish, I left the gender open, so fill it with your imagination.


So I had an awesome Saturday. This is suppose to be Sunday’s update, but I am posting it earlier for @gully436abdallah, thank you dear for the love and motivation.

How is it? Share with me your thoughts in the comments below.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Love you all :3

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