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5. Memories

Special update dedicated to @ikransurow for your never-ending love to my poems. Thank you dear.

I hope you’ll enjoy the poem :)



Memories are like cold sheets

on a winter night,

sending chills down your spine

and shivers up your bones,

all they need is a bit of snuggling

and canoodling to warm up.

Somehow for me,

memories are album filled with words,

where each word points a moment

and each moment points a fragment.

A fragment I hugged tightly to hold close.

For others, memories are tales

that makes you laugh

and reminisce the facets of yours

that kept you on shredding apart

as the years passed by.

Memories are the cinematic imprints

with reels of films from past

set on a moment-trigger projector

onauto-play mode, without a timer

Played on our mind’s screen.

Memories are part of life that is never gone,

just dormant to rise.

So on days when I am in a mood of reveries

I often ask for a cup of memories

with extra sugar

heading to DayDream Resort

with my remote projector.


I can compare this poem with a music track, Memories by Maroon5.

I wrote this for @ikansurow, to cherish all the joyful times we’ve spent in highschool some years ago that has became nothing but sweet memory to us.

To all my friends, classmates and schoolmates out there, I say thank you for all the happy times we have spent together. And all the happy memories that I carry along with me daily. I want to assure you that when I am in a mood of reveries, I often ask for a cup of memories With extra sugar At DayDream Resort replaying every minute with a smile.

I wish you all the famous "happy ever after"


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I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Love you all :3

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