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6. The Me You Don't See

Dedicated to all people out there who are suffering from Aspeger’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum or any other mental disorder. I want you guys to know that you are not alone and one day you will be okay because I am an aspie and I am okay, you can also make it.

I hope you’ll enjoy the poem :)


The Me You Don’t See

I wish I could live a normal life,
Out of the library,
Out of this aspie lockdown,
Out of this silent world
Full of thoughts,
I wish, I could free my mind.

With a million of therapies
Since a time memorial,
The Psych feedback is always unchanged, the same,
“She is an aspie, that’s her way of life.”

I live a lifestyle of the dumb and deaf,
with a fixed routine, comfortable for myself
Read. Write. Follow. Code. Eat. Sleep.

Everyone sees it as a problem when I don’t socialize
but I don’t know how to do that.
Daddy tried his luck, took me back to the Psych
Frequent social-therapies became almost successful
I got several friends to talk to,
Go out with and enjoy.

Life in my world is carefree,
Majorly about photographic mindset and autism.
The Psych calls it ‘a mental disorder
He says it’s a rapid brain cells development
Against age and normality.

Well, that’s me
The me that’s all over my first impression
The me you don’t see.

To those with littlest psych concepts.

This is me.


My life as an aspie has never been “normal”, I chose to make myself comfortable in my little world when I realized how hard it is to make those around me adapt to my living style. I’ve learnt to accept being called awkward, among other names ; after all, they can not change who I originally am.
I’m living in my new normal :) happy to be among the few who call themselves Aspies.


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Love you all :3

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