Sweetness of Poetry

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My way of writing

It has come to my attention that some of the readers do not understand my way of writing. I have divided my chapters into four parts, separated by (-----------) or (======) so I am going to explain what each part contains.

The first part is the dedication. Written in bold. I write my dedication and maybe a peak of the poem theme there.

Then there is a separation line to the next part.


The second part is the actual poem. Its heading is written in bold. It may be in one or several stanzas.

Then there is a separation line to the next part.


The third part is my view on the poem. I write my comments and analysis there. It is usually in italics.

Then there is a separation line to the final part.


The forth/last part is the bye section. I normally remind my readers to comment and like my poems in this section. Also mention the next time i am intending to make an update. It is usually written in bold letters.

With that said, I hope that next time you will have a peaceful time to read and enjoy my poems.
Goodbye, Love you.

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