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7. I see

Dedicated to @anushkaanik for your interest in my poems. You give me the reason to write and that’s so wonderful. I love you dear.

To all the readers of this book, thank you for the 100 reads. I appreciate your likes, feedback and reviews. There are more interesting stuff I’ve prepared for the chapters to come and I bet you’ll love it.

I hope you’ll enjoy the poem :)


I see

Have you seen eyes that speak
The language of love?
Well, I have.

His pair of orbs are glassy brown,
shining like the sun at dawn.
Surrounded by immense whiteness,
that any dentist can act as a witness.
With super dark inch-length lashes
that almost appear artificial
If not for his shouting dense and joined brows.
He makes the motor inside my chest work overtime
buy just a flash of his glimpse.
"What a pair"

I’ve seen running mouths
that bubble out a hundred words per second
but none is sensible.
Although the case with him is anomalous.
his eyes communicate emotions.
Emotions that neither words nor mouth
can express in a flash.

When I look into his attractive eyes
I see fear; that demands assertion.
I see emotions; that demands affection.
I see love; that attracts a soul.
A soul to embrace and nurture it.
A soul to keep it alive and healthy.
A soul to possess and give it a reason to live.

When I look into his beautiful eyes
I hear his thoughts, his feelings.
I feel his mood, his pain.
the pain of wanting someone
but knowing where to start.
The pain of loving someone
but afraid of being rejected.
The pain of the three words
that temporarily rendered him numb.

I yearn to tell him
“I have looked into your eyes
And saw the love I’ve dreamt to have.
Don’t be afraid to start because
My response will always be yes.
I’ll be a failure not to fall for you ;
You’re a breathtaking appearance."

"I’ve just seen your eyes
And you’ve made me emotionally insane.
Who knows what surprises
you may hold? ”


When I was writing this poem, I did not have any picture of a male I know in my mind. I guess some of you thought maybe I wrote this poem for my crush, hahaha, no I didn’t.

Actually, I just imagined of this breathtakingly handsome man who I happen to see his face and read his mind. I know that he loves me but he feels insecured to open up to me. Maybe because he has a dark past and is afraid of my rejection. But Mahn! He is damn handsome, we can make the best pair.

Unfortunately, he is my imaginary man. What if he was real?


How did the poem make you feel?

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I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Love you all :3

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