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Collective Poems

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Hummingbird, Bumblebee and Butterfly

I lay in bed, thinking of you

Never passing in thoughts

My mind a consistent flowing pictures

As I watch this movie

I watch you as you lay in bed

Your eyes open wide, face upturned

I gaze upon your mouth, opening and closing

Without saying a word

Your hands, clenching and unclenching

Creating balls of fabric left behind

Your back as it arches to the sky

I listen and hear your breath is short and ragged

Small noises issuing from the depths

I let my eyes follow your natural curve

Cheek, neck, collar

Breasts, stomach, waist

I gently kiss your luscious red lips

Your strong neck, your smooth collar

Your soft breasts, your firm stomach

Coming to rest at your waist

I inhale deeply, smelling your love, your lust

Letting it fill me up

Filling every vein and every nerve

Allowing me to feel your love, your lust

Smelling as I would a flower

Swaying in the wind, dipping left and right, up and down

Letting the humming bird drink its sweet nectar

As to release itself into the world

Allowing the bumblebee rub and grab an feel the pollen

To take when she need, leaving enough to make more later

Helping as the butterfly land, seeking the heart with her tongue

As to explode in the moment for hummingbird

To return and take her fill once more

And I watch, ever thoughtful

As my flower sways with the Hummingbird, bumblebee and butterfly

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