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I'm Not A Monster

A Monster?

I am not a monster!

Am I?

I can hear screams as I draw near,
The sound of wails reach my ears;
The running of people,
The cries of babies as I come forth.

I’m not a monster!

Or am I?

I can see them run as I awaken,
The people of the world hide from me,
Even the darkness withdraws at my presence,
Cut off from the rest of the world.

I’m not a monster!

Am I?

Faces twist at my appearance,
I can see the agony they have as they look upon me,
This scared and hated body,
The disgusting face that I have.

Am I not a monster?

Alone in my world of torture,
No one to run from me,
No one to scream as I walk,
No one to hide as I draw near,
No one to yell at my face.

No one to love,
No one who loves me.

Am I a monster?
Alone forever?
Hurt forever?

What makes a monster?
What makes me?

I’m not a monster!
Or am I?

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