Collective Poems

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As I sit upon my chair

I watch you dream

Feet clenching and kicking

Breath panting, moist air

And hot breath on my side.

What are you chasing?

The one you love,

Running through fields of gold?

Or perhaps a butterfly,

It's wings of red and black

Fluttering silently from bloom to bloom?

Or, even yet, a nightmare,

Racing, break neck, to save

Your most beloved friend?

Or fleeing an unseen foe,

Whose vile and cunning

Are beyond any in our world?

I lay my hand on your brow

Brushing back your silky brown and black

You awake with a start

To stare at me

Eyes yet confused

Before rousing yourself

To drink from your bowl

And return to give my hand

A grateful lick from a cold tongue.

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