Sad Little Stories from Sad Little Girls

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Old Friend

It’s been
so long.

You’ve grown tall,
taller than me,
and twice as strong.

We were friends once,
years ago,
when we were
just kids back there.

We were children
running around
that park
without a single care.

You had
a toy sword
plastic to my wooden
rolling pin.

Do you even
who I was
back then?

You moved
away when
we were
nine years old.

You moved to
a place
far away
and cold.

We couldn’t talk
We were alone
with those old

Do you remember
that tiny park
and all our crimes?

We were
when they took you

You were gone
and I had
to stay.

Back then
my cape was
my father’s
master hood.

No one could
separate us.
No one would.

Then you left,
leaving me alone.

It was so hard
to be
on my own.

Now, we’re back
together again.

Do you even
remember who
I was back then?

You notice me
standing there
waiting for you.

You come up
and say,
“I missed you

We walk away
from all the lies
and all the things
we never knew.

We walk back
to that time
where there was
only “we” or
“me and you”.

No parents.
No fighting.

No feuds.
No lying.

No more
tears for us,
old friend of mine.

We have each
other and together
we shine.

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