Sad Little Stories from Sad Little Girls

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Barbie Girl

I am not a Barbie doll.

Yes, I am white,

However, I can lift my head,
walk on two feet.

I am not a Barbie doll.

I have all my ribs,
all of my liver,
all of my intestines.

I do not have DD boobs,
flawless skin,
straight teeth,
a teeny-tiny waist,
a BMI so low I don’t have a period,
blondness from a bleach bottle.

I am not a Barbie doll.

I am white,

blond by my MC1R gene,

not skinny at all.

I am not a Barbie doll.

I am a normal teenage girl:
I eat,
I do not smile all the time,
I do not wear a ton of makeup,
my proportions are physically possible,
and that’s okay.

I don’t want to be a Barbie Girl.

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