Sad Little Stories from Sad Little Girls

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It's A Sin

It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird, you know.
They sing pretty songs.
They don’t harm anyone.
They go about like happy little songbirds do.
But their lives are still short, and they die.

It’s a sin to tell a lie, you know.
They are mean things.
They hurt us, quite badly.
They go about like all lies do.
But their lives are too long, and we cry.

It’s a sin to insult the dead, you know.
They can’t defend themselves.
They can’t hurt us anymore.
They go about as ghosts do.
But their lives ended, and we don’t know why.

It’s a sin to do a lot of things, you know.
They all are so bad we don’t do them.
They harm everyone.
They go about like all things do.
But they are wrong, no matter what we try.

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