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By InkyBlood All Rights Reserved ©


Goodbye (of A Bullied Child's Freedom)

Goodbye (Reflections on a Bullied Child’s Freedom)

I'm sorry,
but I really, really
can't bring myself
(You never could.)

You've been pulling the SAME SHIT
since we were
(And you were just as stupid then.)

I just can't listen
(I'm not crying though, can't you see?)

You're an ASSHOLE
you've always been an ASSHOLE
and you can't
see it.
(I've known it for years.)

You're BLIND
to everything
(I knew that, too.)

I found out
worked, and I'm
(Despite you.)

I had friends (and family)
who didn't care about

And now, I've done
what YOU CAN’T.
(And I know you still think you're better)

(You were mean in kindergarten. You're pathetic now.)

(no thanks to you)
and I will never
see you

You gave me
a ton of your
over these long nine years
and I can return it ALL
with interest.
(And I plan to.)

I still have hopes for you, asshole:

I hope you DIE
horribly and painfully.
(You certainly deserve it.)

I hope you GROW UP
before someone DIES
because of YOU.
(They don't.)

I hope I will NEVER
meet you again.
(Still too soon.)

I hope to see YOUR NAME
in the tabloids
and laugh at Karma's payback.
(You deserve it.)

But really,
I hope Karma's return
of your loans
will make you realize
this shit is of YOUR OWN,
(You don't get that yet.)

Goodbye, you utter bastard.

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1. Goodbye (of A Bullied Child's Freedom)
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