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I’m not quite sure what to say here. I write free verse mostly I guess. Sonnets are my favorite but I’m still practicing.

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A Roof With too Much Weight ~ Sonnet

A traitor's only ally is his tongue.

That fool's tool of power, his means of breath

Used either to turn dynasties to dung

Or like Judas to pay his debt by death.

His whispers like peaceful waves do ships spur.

He claims that they are wealth and glory bound,

But how quickly proud vessels overturn

When once calm waves turn into those that drown.

Like Lucifer he coaxed me to confide

In his hisses heard as wolf howls to all

Now crazed I curse the gall with which he lied,

But to fool's hissing did my empire fall.

They'll collapse like a roof with too much weight,

And from their foundations I'll build; just wait.

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