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Time to fall

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The struggle between ME and HIM must come to end, or both of us are going to fall.

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ME and HIM

Sometimes I hit the wall,
and feel like losing control.
My life is no more my own,
it’s not where I can stay.
Despair and anguish have grown.
Grim and desperate, I became.
My words I cannot say,
my rights, I no more claim.
My thoughts I have to hide.
It’s chaos in my mind.
I just can’t do it my way.
I cannot reach the ME I am.

Sometimes I search my soul
maybe he’s lost inside.
Indulged in reminiscence,
or tucked away with pride.
Ripped of lies, sighs,
feelings in disguise,
and all the tribulations within.
But finally, I come to realize,
The HIM inside can’t be recalled.
Oh, I need him to set me free.
To be the man I used to be,
or both of us are going to fall.

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