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if things that weren't things could speak

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A plethora of poems

Poetry / Mystery
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Expectation (unfinished)

He is always with you.

He knows you feel him there.

You feel his heavy presence

He lingers in the air

He tricks, he teases, gives you false hope

Cold fingers taunting your eyes

The lion that stalks the antelope

A serpent in disguise.

Intriguing shadow, he draws you in

In desperation, you fall

The evil brewing within his skin

His cold breath makes yours crawl

One blink of an eye and your left in his wake

The urge to follow is strong

A nervous feeling you can’t seem to shake

He sings out to you; a siren song

In the fleeting moment you shared with him

His beauty struck you firm

A wonder to your eyes, he fascinates your soul

You’ve fallen in his turn

He always seems so close, but never close enough

You want to feel his aura, his face you long to touch

He was sweet as honey full of sickening pride

He leads you to be like him, make you his own design

But why does he terrify you?

Twists your stomach with fear

You’re a puppet on a string

And he is the puppeteer

You realise you aren’t in control

You forgot if you even were

You had a voice and you didn’t use it

A kitten neglecting its purr

Too blinded by his deep physique

You chase in desperation

You want to meet him, you want approval

A path with no final destination

You keep on pushing and trying and failing

Enough is no longer enough

Anytime you light your small candle of pride

That flame he is quick to snuff

Unrealistic goals are never met

They cut you so deep to your core

Why can you never do enough?

He wants more. He wants more. He wants more.

“You’ve made it this far, don’t ever look back

Don’t think you’re improving yet.

Think of what your family will think

When your goals are never met.”

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