Wordless Pain

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The Battle

Why does the pain never leave

Why does it have to stay

So deep within my heart and soul

like a ghost that lives inside

Always there, always watching

I want it gone, I want it dead

Why can't I kill it?

Lock it away or destroy it

Make it vanish like the ghost it is

"Go away" I yell to the darkness

I turn to meet the pain

but there is nothing there

Nothing but empty space

I turn to resume my path

Now it blocks my way

Here I now stand face to ghostly face

My pain, my struggle, my battle

Will this be my end?

My mind takes the thought

Here it will end

A flash of a blade

Lighting in my eyes

Thunder in my mind

The battle has begun

The strike is his and blood flows from the wound

Like a storm the battle rages on

I strike the ghastly figure

A black shadow of a face appears

Shock and disbelief over take me

The face I fight is mine

The blade is only my own

All this time

This whole battle was only against myself

The storm rages on

The lighting still in my eyes

The thunder still rolls through my mind

"What do you want?" I scream at the figure

As the blade is raised

"Nothing much" is the clam reply

"Only you life"

Shock and fear surround me

"You wanted to die" The figure states

A light in the storm shines down a sight suddenly appears

My love, crying and holding something, someone

He stands there holding my body as his tears fall

"No, I can't, I don't, I want" I stammer on

"I can't hurt them, I can't hurt him" I realize with a start

"Your heart is good, but I came from a reason"

The figure stands once again

I try to run but no movement comes

I grab the blade and make my swing

My blow it true

The wind comes to a whistle

The thunder ceases

All is calm

There is just me and the blade

"Never again" I say to the silence

Never again

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