Wordless Pain

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Broken Inside

My soul cries out

My heart bleeds

The pain runs deep

The wound as well

Not wanting to hurt others

I only hurt myself

I try not to hurt you

Yet all feel my pain

Things I want to fix

But don't know how to change

My very soul cries tear of pain

For not wanting to hurt anyone

Now everyone feels pain

Emotions all run high

Anger boils over

Words said, Tears shed

Where can we go from here

People fighting

Me always crying

Never knowing what to do

Never knowing where to go

Should I stay?

Should I go?

Would it change without me?

Question run through my mind like rivers

Flooding me until I am weak

Drowning in Sorrow and regret

Why am I here?

Am I the Problem?

What can I do?

All I know is that I am sorry

Words don't mean much now

Tears mean even less

But I just don't know how to fix this awful mess

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