The Angel Series

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The Angel

Let me tell you something. Something about my past. Something I’ve never told anyone else.

I have loved before. A long time ago.
And it did not end well.

The Angel and the Devil
You’re an angel in love with a devil,
And you think that’s hard,
Because you have to pretend,
That tou don’t love him,
Because he is dangerous,
And how could a monster, deserve someone like you?

And you think that’s hard.
But you don’t know what it’s like for him.

He’s a devil in love with an angel,
And he has to pretend that he doesn’t love you.
Because you are beautiful,
And he is bloodstained.
He fears he would destroy you
- and you believe he would.

He doesn’t think he deserves,
Someone like you.

But here is the truth:
You wouldn’t leave the clouds,
For someone as ruined as him,
But he would tear the world apart
with his bare hands,
To save you.

Here is the truth:
It is you, who does not deserve him.

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