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Our memories can be the light to hold our eternal love. Even tho you left me, you left me with enough light.

Poetry / Romance
Ahana Jey
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


In this barren land,
Who is to stop the hurricane approaching me?
I felt for your hand, but illusion fooled me.

I run from our tangles of mess and bliss surrounding the wind,
Wishing I was in a dream
And someone will save me from hearing my scream.

Our love is obscured
From the shadows of judgements from them,
As I walk blindfolded in this treacherous dream.

I want to reach and heal your wounds.
Fate makes it harder for me

As I follow our memory’s trail and journey towards the end in a whim.

But the anguish of waves crash on me,

The melancholic tears of the clouds pour on me,

The smell of a burnt nature coughs me up.

But I promise

To find my way back to you,

With our memories.


Originally written on Commaful.

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