I'll Leave

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If hell was with you. I will, of course, stay. But if hell was you, I know you will let me leave.

Poetry / Other
Ahana Jey
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Chapter 1


I thought that you would miss
my love and kiss.
But it burns to know the truth
As I shush with a hiss.

It pains that you don't know,
My life was an epitome of woe.
It runs in a loop,
That I hoped you would know.

It is quite inscrutable to hold onto a brick,
That the naive of hearts can be so sardonic.
No, I don't expect you to feel.
But here I am, holding on, as my desolation starts to reek.

Does it run in the blood?
Who am I to ask that this bold.
I see you keep bleeding.
So let me know when you need someone to hold.

It's almost like we experienced a sonder,
Except I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a wonder
Like it is now.
It is tough to be a wanderer.

How do I end this?
Let's run away from this abyss.
I know the heart won't leave what it has made.
So maybe I'll just give you a goodbye kiss.


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