Unleashed - My War at Home (A Poetry Collection)

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I joined the United States Army in 2005. Before the winter of 2006, I had graduated basic training, graduated Airborne school, and found myself deployed to Afghanistan. By Christmas 2006, a friend of mine had killed himself and my truck was hit by an improvised explosive device. These experiences and more changed me forever. They still do. These poems creatively reveal the war raging inside me that has at times, damaged relationships and people I care about.

C.A. Love
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Rage Against the Beast

The Beast within rises. It rages against my heart. I no longer know where it ends…and I start.

I see your tears.

The beast lashes out with my hands, my words too. The more you bleed, the more it laughs at you.

I see your tears.

I called it my friend…it kept me alive once when I was nearly dead. The beast rose then, as it does now and it intends to burn the world down.

I see your tears.

The beast was born to help me survive. But I did survive the war, right? I didn’t die…at least not that way. Now, because there is no war to fight the beast lashes out.

I see your tears.

The beast causes pain. It laughs. The beast scares you to death. It laughs! Now, instead of saving me, the beast is killing me every night. I’ve hurt all of you…It’s time for the beast to die.

I saw your tears.

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