Portents of Mother’s Gate

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Portents of Awakening: IX

Portents I-XI predict events of AWAKENING: Book One

This portent comes to pass in sections called tatters. Prophesy tatter [II] is sequenced here, annotated with the date of fruition.

ix. Lovynge Njyae Dynde XVI
Wndelyo Njyae Dynde XVI
Venkwn Njyae Dynde XVI
4:3:2:1/10, 7:3:1 IX
V:I 3:2:3:5/2, 3:2 IX
V:II 2:2:2:2/5, III:IX

A village in the forest dark
Despairing glade past desperate sea
Well met the friends and chieftain lone
All left with nowhere else to flee

So stumbled they upon a star
Northeast for elvish homeland slain
A man for western evil come
And mer southeast for ocean rain

With exodus of faeries north
And village south for nymphs to hide
So bound the binder bid to bind
Thus six good lives the city plied

The builders five were all but felled
When flesh did tower gray as stone
Their minds eternal jyagaweh
All vested now for binder lone [I]

The dragon mage shall bring them all
To find the star as evil rears
So builders dread its looming death
And bloodlines lost to coming years

The master there shall be bestowed
Each tower bared to hungry eyes
Betrayed to grief and turned to dust
As evil readies light’s demise. [II] V 2:2:2:2/5, III:IX

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